My New Book Series

CATCH THE DRAFT is a new series of books just being released.

Catch The Draft
The First Book in this series is
Important Life Lessons I learned From Cycling
What’s important to you? Living life to the full is important to most of us. What that means though is quite different from person to person.
We all learn from day to day both from ourselves and others. Important life lessons though are those that rise to the top and help us genuinely interact with others and be true to ourselves in our daily lives.
In this book I share some of those life lessons that are important to me and help me live my life to the full.
You too might discover what is important in your life from his experiences on a bicycle and the lessons I share here in Catch the Draft: Important Life Lessons I Learned From Cycling.

You can buy it at Catch The Draft: Important Life Lessons

Catch The Draft
The Second Book is
When Life Is Hard
When life is hard what do you do? Dealing with life when difficult circumstances make you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck and they are never easy.
For some people these difficulties just seem to defeat them, while others seem to be able to rise above their circumstances. Ever wonder why?
Through this book you will discover from my experiences on a bicycle some of the lessons I have learned and you too might find them helpful. Many people have enjoyed my first book and I think you will enjoy this one too.
Catch the Draft: When Life Is Hard.

You can buy it at Catch The Draft: When Life Is Hard

Catch The Draft
The Third Book is
Living in Community
In this book I continue to develop some of the important life lessons I have learned from Cycling.
Drafting in cycling is when a cyclist gets in behind a group of other cyclist and takes advantage of the draft making it a lot easier to ride. In this book I am looking specifically at groups of riders and how they can form a community and what that community might look like. I will also be looking at the differences in groups and the difference that it makes in how we feel, relate and get along in a community.
I relate this to the importance of having a community in our every day lives and the advantages are numerous. There are so many things that we can learn here and I believe this is one of the most important books in this series.
The reason is that community is so important in our lives. It is important for each of us as individuals for our own personal growth and support. But it is also important for us to be able to encourage and help others grow in their lives. May it help you strengthen your relationships and set new goals for you and your community life.
Another great read!
Catch the Draft: Living In Community.

You can buy it at Catch The Draft: Living In Community

Come back shortly to read about the last book in this series Catch the Draft: Taking the Lead.

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