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For Catch The Draft: Important Life Lessons I learned from Cycling

Brinn wrote
“David McIntosh has gleaned some profound truths from a simple exercise– cycling. The truths pertain to the self and to how the self can gain (or lose) by being in a community.

Solitary time can be precious and rewarding. But achievements can be magnified in a community. David points to the twin rewards– energy and encouragement. … David builds on that concept to show how we can benefit by sharing the burdens of other members of our community and having them help us. As a result we can achieve more than we could have on our own. That is the goal and the secret. The trick is to find and grow in and with the right community.”

J.D. wrote “Nice job Dave! You’re an inspiration … Great job. I’m impressed.

Mr. Twenty Twenty wrote
“A delightful read, full of simple yet profound truths – about life – learned and experienced through cycling. Dave did a wonderful job sharing of timeless wisdom as an elder, while keeping the innocent curious nature of a child. It would make a delightful listen to as a short audio book as well. If you are looking for food for your spirit, you have come to the right place. Enjoy.”

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